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Just another gaming addict
Created: 2008 09-25 09:27:21 AM
Online status: 2016 08-16 11:29:50 AM
Address: Illinois
Age: 37 years
Partner status: Married
I am here for: Here for fun
Zodiac Signs:  Taurus
Favorite game:  Pyramids
Occupation: Self-employed
Literature: Novels
Music: Techno and dance, Lounge and Cafe style, Country, Jazz
Movies: Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Action
Interests: Science, Clothes, Games, Shopping, Religion, Mysticism, Music, Painting/drawing, Pets, Job and career, Needlework, The home and decorating, Photography, Movies, Family, Computer, Children, Books
I love to play games. Card games, puzzles, fps, rpg, mmorg, action, quest, gambling, casino, and any other game out there. I spend approximately 8-15 hours a day online playing games. I play here at and for most of the morning. I then play silkroad for the majority of the afternoon and combat arms at night.  Yes, I do have a life outside of gaming. I entertain my daughter and am a stay at home wife. 

I would love to play a lot of the games here at but never see anyone on to play most of the rooms are empty. I will try referring more people to hopefully start filling the rooms. That ever elusive jackpot drives me to beat my highscores over and over again.
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